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Laboratory Furniture AND Equipments

These include the supply and installation of Laboratory Furniture, Workbench, Cabinets, Fume Hood, Chemical Storage Cabinets, Emergency Eyewash Products, Fumex Local Extractors, and Centrifuges.



List of Laboratory Furniture & Equipments

Products Products Serial Number
Laboratory Furniture p14501
Workbench and Cabinets p14502
Fume Hood, Canopy Hoods p14503
Chemical, Flammable & Inflammable, Acid & Alkali Solvent Storage Cabinets p14504
Canister p14506
Laminar Flow & Biological Safety Cabinets p14507
General & Analytical Instruments p14508
Emergency Eyewash & Shower p14509
Laboratory Refrigerators & Centrifuges p14510
Fumex Exhaust Arms & Local Extractors p14511
Epoxy and Polypropylene Sinks p14512
Lab Central Gas system p14513
Laboratory Water, Gas Fittings, Pressure Regulator, Instrumentation Fittings, Valves, Gas Manifolds, Cylinder Storages p14514
Bunsen Burners  p14515
Smart Boards p14516
Laboratory Chairs and Stools p14517
Laboratory Worktop p14518
Peg Boards p14519
Polypropylene Fans p14520


Our Expertise

Our team of experts is experienced in designing and executing the biggest and sophisticated labs as per International Lab Standards and safe lab practices in the MENA region. 

We can help you with setting up the following labs:

  • Forensic Science Lab
  • Pharmaceutical/Clinical/Hospital Lab
  • Engineering Lab
  • Water Testing Lab
  • School/Science/University & Research Lab
  • Petroleum/ Industrial Lab
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